New Hollywood Documentary Secretly Convinces People To Buy An Annuity Without You Speaking A Single Word

I couldn’t believe it.

I witnessed a miracle right before my eyes.

My father, who has been a complete annuity skeptic for over 60 years, recently said to me…

“Brett, I am going to buy an annuity.”

I almost fell over. I might have if my lovely wife didn’t hold me tighter.

You see, my father is like most baby boomers….

Pretty skeptical when it comes to annuities and how they could benefit him in retirement.

He’s old school.

Like most, he’s moved into retirement with the belief real estate and other avenues would be best for him and his family.

Granted...for a portion of your money an investment grade portfolio makes sense.

Sadly like most people, he has no idea the power of this product and the proof behind it.

You would think if they actually did...maybe they would actually change their mind.

Even the most skeptical person.

Most People Are Brainwashed By The Main Stream Media

It’s not hard to see what is happening right before our eyes.

From Ken Fisher to Suzie Orman to Dave Ramsey the TV and airwaves are pummeled with the message…

“Annuities Are Bad” “Agent’s Make Big Commissions”

Or my personal favorite…

“I Hate Annuities”

I understand no product is perfect. this instance all the math, science and proof actually make the case that…

“An annuity could benefit every single person.”

A billionaire probably doesn’t need one.

Yet the other 99 percent do.

Problem is Americans are being brainwashed in this country.

Mass media does a great job letting everyone know how bad annuities are.

You see it on TV...over the Radio...Online...In Print.

Just about everywhere you turn.


It is rather interesting.

Here you have a tool that single handedly is the best retirement income vehicle on the planet due to mortality credits.

No other guaranteed product can achieve a higher payout than an annuity.

Problem is no one knows this since they are drowned out by the brainwashing from the Ivory Towers of Wall Street and Mass Media.

Don't think the Media controls things in this country?

Wall Street, State and Local Governments want to keep as much money in 401ks and other qualified plans as possible…

So they can keep making money and raking in taxes to pay for their schemes.

It’s self-preservation and corruption at the highest level.

That’s why I went on a mission, with my business partner, Ethan Kap to see if we could change the narrative.

We were probably sure we would fail…

Until we made a phone call to Hollywood producer, Doug Orchard.

"It's Almost Impossible to Change People’s Beliefs"

Ethan and I felt if there were any way to change the perception in this country it would be to fight the media with their own weapon.

Hollywood is very good at controlling the narrative.

So why not use the same media to change the narrative?

With online streaming platforms and the rise of good documentaries, this may be the best time to stick it to the mass media and Hollywood…

Following the system they have outlined.

After searching online, we found Doug Orchard, who has produced many award winning documentaries.

Plus a very popular one in the insurance space…”The Power of Zero: The Tax Train is Coming.”

We dialed.

He answered, and we gave him our pitch.

Luckily, he loved it...even though he had tons of people calling him for new projects.

The stars seemed to be aligned perfectly.

He said, nothing like this has ever been done before and it would be the first of its kind.

That is…

  • A shocking and revealing documentary on the current financial system
  • The best way to solve the De-accumulation of retirement assets.
  • And clarity on how one should retire today

We have worked on a personal level with Tom Hegna for a few years now.

Many of our agents and advisors have been trained by him or had access to his training.

For years he has been telling Doug….

“We Need a Documentary on How to Retire”

Up until this point not a single one existed.

So we went down the Rabbit hole and put together the list of people we wanted to interview for this documentary.

And at first it seemed bleak.

Since we didn’t have any direct contact with Nobel Prize winner and Ph.D William Sharp or renowned Ph.D., Olivia S. Mitchell, Ph.D. (Wharton & Executive Director of the Pension Research Council).

Then something magical happened.

We were introduced to Moshe Milevsky…

And he was excited about the project and truly wanted the word out.

Partiality because...

We Financed This Film With 100 Percent Crowdfunded Money

When Doug told the story of how the documentary got financed, the grassroots movement started.

Why? Because it didn’t appear commercial at all.

Ethan and I don’t own this movie.


It’s 100 percent owned by Doug Orchard Films.

100 percent crowdfunded

And 100 percent independent.

The PhDs, top economists, government whistleblowers and Nobel Prize winners loved it.

That's how the magic started.

The referrals started pouring in.

After 2 months we reviewed our original list, and we realized …

It Was The Single Best Lineup Doug Had Ever Interviewed For a Documentary

In fact…

Many of the original people we had on the list didn’t even make the cut because we were referred to even more credible people not on the original list.

For example one of those was Olivia Mitchell.

She is top-notch credible...and after you watch the movie you’ll see why she helped make this film.

Doug tried to get her in another documentary and she never even responded.

Well….this time she did…

And she referred us to…

Ph.D David Babel Who Died Soon After Recording ...

On a zoom interview with Olivia, Doug asked her..

Who else should be in the movie?

She quickly responded, David Babel.

Shortly, Doug was on a preliminary zoom interview with him.

He loved the project and wanted to be involved at the deepest level

At the end of the call, he revealed he had leukemia and would not make it much longer.

Doug said, “Okay we will get back to you in a few months.”

Dave replied, “I don’t know if I will even make it that long.”

Doug flew out the next day and interviewed David in his home.

His message is so powerful as he makes a case for annuities that cannot be refused.

In fact, it is all part of the secret persuasion formula Doug uses to change the beliefs of those who watch it.

oug calls it...

The Preemptive Persuasion Formula

Doug’s been refining this proprietary formula over the last 10 years.

He used it in all his top documentaries…

  • Fasting
  • Physical Education.
  • The Power of Zero
  • And Now... The Baby Boomer Dilemma

This formula goes like this:

Belief Change (BC) = Controlled Naratived(CN) + Overwhelming Proof (OP) + Emotional Buy-in(EB)

Doug didn’t even reveal all the parts to me.

He just laid it out on a high level and told me to watch his other documentaries to see the proof in the pudding.

If you’ve seen The Power of Zero you can see this proprietary formula in action.

Doug invented it…

And implements it in this film.

According to him, he implemented the formula at a level that may supersede his other documentaries.

We were blown away by the reception from the economists, Ph.D’s and other participants.

This started as a simple idea.

And blew up into a major success.

It is the FIRST MPA Rated movie on Retirement Income


The documentary has the data to show…

  • How Many pensions have been underfunded and could be earning much less than predicted....or even reported.
  • Why Social Security will most likely be cut up to 30 percent
  • Why the amount of retirement assets keeps growing...yet the income we can get from those assets keeps going down.
  • And how the Annuity has to be in every American’s retirement.

That’s why we wanted to create an actual documentary…

So we could literally shift someone’s belief system in under two hours.

To go from “I hate annuities”

To “I want to buy one of those”

And from the testimonials of those who have already watched it, the secret persuasion formula Doug uses in his Documentary does just that.

In fact…

This May Be the Only Single Way to Shift Someone’s Belief System in Less Than 2 Hours

A good movie can change your belief.

It is the combination of the sound, imagery and content displayed in a film that does that.

Plus, Doug has been refining his process over the last 10 years…

And created multiple winners already.

Think about it this way.

Have you ever seen the film “Dance with Wolves”, with Kevin Costner?

At the beginning of that film, you definitely felt a negative slant toward the Native Americans or possibly a neutral one based on the first hour of that movie.

By the end of that movie, when Kevin Costner’s character, “Dances with Wolves' rides away up the mountain leaving the tribe…

And one of the warriors from the tribe screams “You will always be my friend.”

You realize at that moment how bad you feel for the Native Americans and what happened to them during that time.

In fact, you realize how fun and loving people they are.

You end that movie with your beliefs changed.

You go from.

I’m not sure about the Native American…


“The American Government treated the Native Americans poorly.”

And it all happened in a film.

That’s exactly what a good movie does.

Once a prospect watches this…

Many will go from “I’m not sure about Annuities” or “I don’t like Annuities”

To “I want to learn more about annuities” or “I want to buy one for my retirement.”

I have been studying annuities for a few years.

I even have a company where we sell them.

Yet, this film took me to a deeper level.

I promise it will do the same to you, once you watch it.

But...the REAL magic happens when your prospect watches it…

and then calls you...saying…

“I watched the Documentary. I want to buy 10 annuities”

Now that is a good prospect.

Imagine having your calendar full of these prospects?

I know other people have promised highly educated prospects that could fill your calendar.

What makes my promise different is that no one has EVER had a Hollywood Documentary to help shift and change beliefs.

Now you do….

And no one has the marketing chops we do in this industry.

For years Ethan and I have been known as the “Best Marketers This Industry Has Ever Seen”

Now this part is important.

Many agents think, “Well now I have the movie, I can simply buy it and I will make millions.”

We wish that would be the case.

That’s because not everyone will watch it.

And if you just send them a link in an email... they will not value it.

We know, just like it has come down to all the bestselling books we’ve written and marketed.

The hardest part is not putting the book or movie together.

It’s actually the long-term plan to market it and monetize it.

And that’s where Ethan and I are hand’s down the best in the country and in this industry.

We’ve been running an Authority IUL and Annuity Lead System for the past 10 years.

We’ve generated over 400,000 leads in the past 10 years…

Plus written hundreds of millions in insurance premiums.

This system has kept running during 2 tumultuous presidential elections.

A worldwide pandemic

And a few market downturns.

Yet, it keeps pumping.

Simply put.

We are the Best at Creating Profitable Lead Programs Using Books, Movies and other Authority Assets.

Yes, you could buy the movie and try to use it yourself.

Or simply try to hand it out.

If that's you, then good luck.

On the other hand, if you would rather work with a proven marketing firm that has a decade long track record of making programs like this work and profitable for agents.

Then you may want to plug in with the limited offer we created for agents and advisors…

Who would like the simplest and best way to profit using the movie in the next 60 days?

Plus the action plan to keep profiling from the film months and years later.

Don’t think that’s possible?

Since in a year the movie won’t have any value?

Well...if we can take a book we wrote 10 years ago and still use it to generate top IUL an Annuity leads…

Then we can easily do it with a movie.

Fill Your Calendar With Pre-Sold Annuity Prospects Using The Movie Marketing Bonanza Package

We want agents and advisors to be successful ASAP with this.

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Life Favors The Bold

I have made my money.

I probably should be riding off into the sunset. I probably will pretty soon.

Yet, Ethan and I had a goal to support this movie and get it into the hands of good agents who would get this message out.

I know that life favors the bold.

If you want to create an income machine that will work every month in this crazy world…

Simply make the investment in your future today.

And be one of the bold…

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